The Coin (Part 6)

Life takes us in directions, We don’t wish to go, Yet that is how we gain experience, That is how we grow, We learn to survive hard times, How to accept a loss, Then we learn to face the wind, Though around us waves toss. Vanna woke with a start.  What time was it?  What […]

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The Coin (Part 5)

All that had been inflicted would be repaid to each one of the men, including Reggie. She had survived and now she must deal with her world.  She had no job, no money, and no future.  She was starting with nothing but she walked with her head high. Having the coin filled her with confidence. […]

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The Coin (Part 4)

Instead of gaining freedom Vanna merely advanced to the next stage of their pleasure. One of the men placed an iron collar around her neck with a long chain attached before she was released from the stocks. She was prodded towards a smaller room. Twice she slowed but electricity jolted her to a faster pace. […]

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The Coin (Part 3)

After work she was greeted by lightning and thunder.  The heavens opened and rain poured down.  Vanna dashed to her car but she was immediately soaked.  As soon as she arrived home she peeled off her clothes and showered.  While she sipped her tea she thought, “I never would have guessed it.  Storms are so […]

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The Coin (Part 2)

She knew she didn’t love her boss.  She didn’t even know his name. She already knew the one she loved.  She loved George, her childhood sweetheart.  It was as simple as that. He was handsome, muscular, courteous, and charming.  He treated her like a princess. They had grown up together, went to the same schools, […]

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