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She works out with determination,
Keeping her body slim and taut.
What can I say about her,
Except she’s hot, hot, hot!
She dresses out quickly,
Eager to stay on schedule
Muscles stretching in time
With musical beat,
She bounces from one exercise
To the next,
Her skin glowing with beauty.
“Ah, she’s a real woman,”
I heard someone say.
She jiggles in the right places,
Although she’s strong and taut,
She is everything I admire,
And she’s hot, hot, hot!


She was beautiful and sexy,

A woman every man wanted to see.

A stranger whose appearance

Brought out the very beast in me.

“I want her,’ my heart pleaded,

“She’s everything I’ve dreamed.”

“Calm down,” my brain insisted,

“Maybe she’s not all she seemed.”

Her womanly curves distracted

Every man that night she met.

I switched into my hunting mode,

My one objective was set.

My hungry eyes sought to devour her.

Such a tempting morsel was she,

Yet the competing anxious men

Kept her away and safe from me.

“Never give up,” my heart insisted.

“You’re not doing all you can.”

I knew I wouldn’t tuck my tail.

I was not that kind of man.

Increasingly aware of how time flew,

Growling angrily I continued to prowl,

Thinking, “What more can I do?

I’ve done everything but howl.”

At intermission I took her a drink,

An opportunity I’d waited for all night.

She smiled and asked sweetly,

“Where would you like to bite?”

We danced like two experienced partners.

I did everything I could with flair.

She laughed happily the rest of the night,

And later invited me to her lair.

Our little beasties are beside me.

I watch them in my den.

My woman knows how to please me,

When I smile my wolfish grin.

by Dan Roberson

You Took My Breath Away

Until My Last Breath

Until My Last Breath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You Took My Breath Away


You were not the most beautiful girl there,


But your eyes were expressive and deep.


I did not hang on every word you spoke,


But inside I made promises to keep.


Somehow in those first magic moments


My world stopped and you took my breath away.


Your eyes, your hair, your sparkling smile,


Each silently dared me to dance and stay.


In your presence the crowd no longer existed.


You had changed my point of view.


I turned around and blinked my eyes


But all I could see was you.


No longer alone even in my dreams


You were always by my side.


Together we shared our new world


Your love filled me with pride.


Your mind was on something else,


But not on our love each day.


I thought we’d love forever,


Long after we turned old and gray.


You smiled and said you felt great,


And you insisted you always will,


You looked so serene and so sure,


It’s strange your heart stopped still.


Each day you took my breath away,


But you never shared your pain.


And I still love you with all I have,


But I may never breathe again.




That’s What Matters

That’s What Matters
When we first met,
You were so beautiful,
Your eyes, your face,
The way you talked,
Your hair, your voice,
The way you walked,
Each day you were more beautiful,
Your smile brightened my way,
We shared more each day,
We were learning to compromise and agree,
And that’s what mattered to me.

Every day with you was a new day,
You were more beautiful than the day before,
Your eyes, your face,
The way you talked,
Your laugh, your voice,
The way you walked,
Each day you were more special,
The happiness you spread,
With the things you said,
You let my heart fly high and free,
And that’s what mattered to me.

We changed over the years,
But you always are beautiful,
Your eyes, your face,
The way you talk,
Your hair, your voice,
The way you walk,
Each day you are more beautiful,
My life is full as I face each day,
I want to love you always,
Your heart is what I see,
And that’s what matters to me.



Psychology (Photo credit: 田村)






The spring that she graduated,


I met her for the very first time.


She was beautiful and so beguiling,


I was silly and talked in rhyme.


I told her very clearly how much


She would always mean to me.


I was convincing as I professed my love


And described our future as she wanted it to be.




I owe her big time, I’ve decided,


Because she brought me out of my shell.


She’d be surprised to know what I’m thinking


Even though she knows me well. 


My friends all think I’m crazy.


She’s the only one who thinks I’m sane.


But I can prove I’m as lucid as you,


Though technically I’ve been ruled insane.




Why would one think differently?


I go to work each and every day.


That’s where my best plans are made.


That’s why I continue to stay.


My boss keeps me from advancing.


He says he protects me like his own son.


But I know he’s not telling the truth,


Because there haven’t been any battles he’s won.




My wife and I don’t discuss things any more.


I refuse to listen as she states her point of view.


She’s overweight and filled with hate,


She has none of the sweetness that’s in you.


It is evident my love didn’t last forever.


I told her this morning that she and I were through.


She’ll look great in her pretty black dress,


Lying silently by me and you.


















I Was Born a Star

Gary Cole in January 2009.

Gary Cole in January 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I Was Born a Star


I was born a star to shine bright.


I had the sparkle to make people smile.


The world reached out and greeted me.


With open arms, the world accepted my oddities.


Everything was beautiful until I outgrew my hat,


And collapsed inward, a victim of my own desires.


I became helpless, a star without a role.


Silent and dark for years, my energy returned,


And I burned brightly once more.


Unable to accept a bit part, the process repeated.


Time and time again I turned cold and lifeless.


But I rose to shine once more.


Now I shine steadily, lighting the way for others.


In my cameo role I am not overpowering,


But comfortable as an ember,


In the fireplace of the heavens.




Truth and I

walking together

walking together (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)


Truth and I




“Truth,” said I, “let’s spend the day,


Walking together wherever we may.”




“Are you sure,” she asked, “You want to be with me?


For I go places you’ll never be.”




“Truth, you’re beautiful,” I vehemently claimed.


“Throughout the day you’re always the same.”




I thought I could sway her with flattery and flowers,


But she remained unchanged despite my powers.




She said, “You don’t understand my heart or my mind.


I’m out in the open but hard to find.”




She said, “I have many faces and I’m rarely the same.


I can be rampaging or be quiet and tame.”



I believed in one Truth so I laughed out loud.


I ignored the levels of Truth because I was proud,




Truth stood before me stark naked and plain,


If I embraced her, would she be as cleansing as rain?




“I love you, Truth, I won’t be denied,”


But I exaggerated a lot, and, of course, I lied.