Edit Born Lucky Rate This I was born lucky.  I would have chosen my parents right from the start.  I was loved and I felt loved. Maybe they chose me and maybe I chose them.  They were a perfect fit.  I would never claim I was better than others or worse than others.  I know […]


It’s Time to Change the World

It’s Time to Change the World It’s the perfect time to seek out the good, And keep the bad at bay, Let’s learn to enjoy the simple pleasures, That we encounter throughout the day, It’s time to show we care for others, Who have had their share of pain, And try to alter their perception, […]

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The Letter in the Bottle

The Letter I don’t often wander along the beach in December because the cool winds howl incessantly and tear at my thin black coat. But this Thursday evening, about 7:15 a bottle caught my attention, dipping and bobbing across the crests and sliding down the troughs. It seemed destined to be opened by someone and […]

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