She was beautiful and sexy, A woman every man wanted to see. A stranger whose appearance Brought out the very beast in me. “I want her,’ my heart pleaded, “She’s everything I’ve dreamed.” “Calm down,” my brain insisted, “Maybe she’s not all she seemed.” Her womanly curves distracted Every man that night she met. I […]


If Your Heart

  If Your Heart Was a Door   If your mind was a book, I’d read it,   Turning page after page, absorbing every word,   Hoping the most exciting chapters included me,   If your eyes were deep pools, I’d dive in them,   Splashing around like an otter, enjoying every moment,   Swimming […]

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Something to Write About

I never had to suppose, Why some of the shades she never closed, The shades facing me, Were left open so I could see, It was a ritual, Turning on the tap, Pouring in her bath soaps, Knowing it would raise my hopes, Let the pink bubbles rise, While I’d pretend to be surprised, Always […]

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The Galaxies Within Your Eyes

Your eyes are closed but I imagine the galaxies caught, Your eyelids covering them tight, Oh, how I cherish the way you made me feel, As we loved all through the night, I saw stars, perhaps those very ones in your eyes, I’ve never felt more alive than this, As we shared kiss after fevered […]

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The Coin (part one)

Which way do we go, to stay out of the flow, As lives are swept downstream, We can do more wrong, If we just go along, Pretending life is but a dream. Vanna knew he kept valuable rare coins.  While she cleaned his house she would pass by his study. Through the slightly opened door […]

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Discovering the Magic of Love

Her hair I would gently brush, Away from her beautiful face, I would claim with kisses, Each and every place, Those succulent lips have drawn me, To sip and taste at will, But I would not, could not stop, Until I had my fill, I would kiss her neck, And taste her golden breasts, I […]

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“Sweaty and Dirty”

Forgiveness is a Positive Virtue She was trembling as she stood facing me, Was there something she wanted to see? Her hands were pressed against her chest, Then I noticed she was cupping her breasts, It was difficult for her to hide her fright, Her small voice quavered ever so slight, When she asked, “Are […]

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