Exclamation Point!

Exclamation Point! I didn’t ask to be like Job, Whose life took a backward thrust, Yet here I am with shredded heart, Arising from the dust, I’ve lost at love one more time, But it will not hold me down, Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world, With a smile instead of a frown, […]

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That’s What Life is All About

Lying on the hammock, Listening to birds singing, Feeling the humid air rising, Enjoying the early morning. That’s what life is all about. Writing down my thoughts, Sharing them at a family gathering, Discussing problems we’re having, Brainstorming solutions we’ll be trying, That’s what life is all about. Closing the day with meditation, Remembering the […]

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Pain, My Old Friend

Pain, My Old Friend Hello, pain, my old friend, I see you’re ready to visit me again, Should I be on the alert, For something unsuspected to hurt? Or is this just mental pain, With everything to lose and nothing to gain? My joints do ache, With every step I take, Should I complain, my […]

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