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“You’re Ready To Touch the Sky”

Me in 2006

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For The Student Who’s Graduating

Students, there’s a big scary world out there,

Responsibilities on your shoulders rest, decisions to be made,

And discoveries to claim if you but dare,

Goals to reach or do nothing and let your dreams fade,

There are challenges you’ve already met,

With the support of family and friends,

But there are new goals that haven’t been set,

And your dreams have beginnings but no ends,

You’ll finish what others thought was an impossible task,

You won’t let this difficult world hold you back,

You’ll accomplish much more than the world might ask,

You’ve been honing your skills and none do you lack,

This world has had an awkward past,

Expect challenges and feelings of doubt,

Be prepared the best you can, life comes at you fast,

And the things you’ve planned may not turn out,

Obstacles might be placed in your path,

But don’t let that stop you from your quest,

Other ways exist from A to B, if you’ve done your math,

Education is just one part; life itself is the final test,

It’s a big intriguing world out there,

Take the first step and hold your head high,

Right or wrong, be brave, do everything with flair,

The world is yours if you choose to touch the sky.

New Year’s Resolutions (Part 2)

Chinese New Year

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This year I’ll learn to trust and treat everyone as a friend,

A handshake and a well spoke word will mean truth again,

I won’t live a life gone by, stewing in my own pot,

Wallowing in self pity, at a time and place I’d rather not,

I’ll enjoy all the challenges that life always poses,

But never for a day or a minute, forget to smell the roses,

I’ll plan for the future and dream about what could be,

With my feet planted in the present to keep my sanity,

I’ll dance like nobody is looking, probably that’s best,

I may not win a dance contest, but I’ll show some zest,

Love with my whole heart, halfway will not do,

Holding part of myself back, is not fair to me or you,

I’ll treat everyone with respect, in each and every relation,

For without respect there will not be a solid foundation,

I’ll spotlight my strengths and focus on what I do well,

I want this year to be positive, on faults I will not dwell.

Exclamation Point!

A yellow exclamation mark

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Exclamation Point!

I didn’t ask to be like Job,

Whose life took a backward thrust,

Yet here I am with shredded heart,

Arising from the dust,

I’ve lost at love one more time,

But it will not hold me down,

Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world,

With a smile instead of a frown,

I’m alone but not alone,

For I believe in a higher power,

Hope is there to guide my way,

Each and every hour,

My arms are bare and empty,

I have no one to hold,

So I choose to embrace the world,

Before my heart turns cold,

This world sparkles despite my pain,

My senses are acutely aware,

I see the beauty in this world,

And feel God’s presence there,

I smile at the turns I’ve made,

And all the times I’ve slipped,

Love will thrive the rest of my way,

It’s still within my grip,

Every day is a bonus day,

Full of meaningful things to do,

Challenges spring up daily at me,

Head on I’ll tackle them anew,

I don’t want to end my life,

With a period at the end of my game,

As a poet I want much more flair,

An exclamation point should mark my name!

That’s What Life is All About

Lying on the hammock,
Listening to birds singing,
Feeling the humid air rising,
Enjoying the early morning.
That’s what life is all about.
Writing down my thoughts,
Sharing them at a family gathering,
Discussing problems we’re having,
Brainstorming solutions we’ll be trying,
That’s what life is all about.
Closing the day with meditation,
Remembering the good I’m receiving,
Acknowledging the challenges I’m facing,
Praying for answers Heaven’s sending,
That’s what life is all about.
Receiving wisdom in small doses,
Learning that each day is changing,
Beginnings are connected to endings,
Breaking is harder than bending,
That’s what life is all about.
Resting until dawn’s cool onset,
Stretching to face the world arising,
Taking each moment as a blessing,
Keeping my thoughts on praising,
That”s what life is all about.

Pain, My Old Friend

Pain, My Old Friend
Hello, pain, my old friend,
I see you’re ready to visit me again,
Should I be on the alert,
For something unsuspected to hurt?
Or is this just mental pain,
With everything to lose and nothing to gain?
My joints do ache,
With every step I take,
Should I complain, my friend,
Or face you with a grin?
You remind me I am alive,
Ready for challenges on my onward drive,
Pain, you are a distraction,
But no hill for a climber,
The next camp is within my reach,
If I practice what I teach,
One step at a time as upward I go,
Letting nothing stop me though,
Especially you, pain,
I have everything to gain,
And I know I will never pass this way again.

While in the womb I waited expectantly,
With you, pain, at my side,
And when I emerged into the unknown,
Pain, you brought my senses alive,
To savor the world outside,
Now, I’m waiting again, expectantly.
Pain, you are my constant companion,
And I am eager to find what waits beyond,
And what new world we face together,
I think I’ll take one step at a time,
For I have everything to gain,
And I know I will never pass this way again.