MADMEN (the introduction)

The world is in the hands of madmen. They shout and scream at gentle folk. They have visions of power and absolute control while our world goes up in smoke. I’m tired of watching corruption while the ones we chose as our leaders pretend to represent us well. They scream it’s the fault of foreigners, […]

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FRY Early in the morning before all the stores were open, two men arrived in a nondescript gray sedan. They had looked the small town over, debated on several escape routes, and finally decided they would leave on the same street they came in. It could have been any other street but their choice was […]

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First Friday

How could there be a First Friday? Every week had a Friday, Just one Friday to focus on, One Friday to make plans for fun. Nothing different about one day Except perceptions about a time to pray. Why would one Friday suffice As a day for sacrifice? A First Friday to meditate And see control […]

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Prayers and Doubts

I pray for cold weather, you pray for hot, I pray for rain clouds, you pray they’re not, Our prayers are like arrows shot into the sky, No one seems to listen, we both wonder why, Our prayers can’t be answered if we cancel each other out, If we pray for the same cause there’ll […]

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