The emperor marched through the center of town, All people were courteous, all eyes were down. An archer, his long bow taut and ready, Was set to strike, his aim was steady. The emperor danced through the crowd, Dignified, majestic, and very proud. Many maidens turned red from head to toes, No one dared question […]


High School Album

I was looking through mom’s high school album, Wondering why some people were so solemn and grim, Those who were of the business mind, Always stayed with their own kind, Looking serious to improve their chances, When majoring on other people’s finances, “That girl was the prom queen and she is married to him,” “That […]

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A Crooked Man for President

(part 2) Jack and Melissa spent the next several years in the crooked house just living normal lives.  They now had two children and were very content.  After years of abuse about his physical appearance and his name, Jack was happy that he was being treated with respect and was being left alone.  Now, though, […]

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If We Do Nothing

If We Do Nothing It’s the muted sounds of the tortured, It’s the whispers of the living dead, It’s waiting for death to take his turn, It’s the fires of hell, waiting to be fed, If we do nothing, Staring speechless at the ongoing spectacle, Sleeping well while others dream of horror, Forgetting warnings from […]

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