PDS  —  (particularly dangerous situation)  (Part 1) Dennis studied the weather patterns on his laptop.  A cool fast jet stream was projected to loop across the middle of the country and warm moist air was rushing up from the Gulf.  The cool air and warm front were on a collision course.  Conditions were ripe for an […]

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Common Threads

Woven through our lives were common threads, They were almost alike but were not the same, Some strands we followed that nowhere led, As we chased dreams of fortune and fame, There were truths and lies we often said, But life gave each of us a different game, Life’s fabrics were woven and pieces shred, […]

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Going Camping (Part Three)

Melissa had gone on a rampage and destroyed the room, The lamps, the mirror, she left me to face my doom, I didn’t bother going to bed, I wouldn’t be able to sleep, Every passing car could be the Sheriff, Nathan, or some creep, Destroying evidence would be claimed if I started to clean, But […]

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Part 2, Going Camping

Going Camping, Trouble in Town At six in the morning I strolled down Main Street, Admiring the small shops, enjoying the sun’s heat, I went into Roger’s, a café with customers waiting in line, I was told by a waitress, “It’s always like this, rain or shine,” Inside on a wall there was a sign […]

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