The Misunderstanding

Judge Henson had a Cocker Spaniel, That really made his day, He wanted to show her off, To anyone who came his way,   The Judge invited me to see, This Spaniel bitch on display, “Come over for a mint julep, About two p.m. on Thursday,”   The Judge also had a daughter, Who seemed […]

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When a Parent Leaves

My daughter’s tears greet me, So I decide to be grimly silent, Rather than probe and see, What she harbors and doesn’t vent, Perhaps this time it’s much the same, With time suspended in her world, I think she’ll tell me I am to blame, For all the troubles that were unfurled, Nothing is spoken […]

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Sons of Thunder

The Sons of Thunder   There were early warning signs that violence was on the way.  The two boys were untamed, unfettered, and usually unsupervised.  Their mother had disappeared mysteriously, leaving her husband alone with three children. The father refused any help from the community, insisting that the family would work out their own problems.  […]

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