I Chose to Love You

I Chose To Love You I chose to love you, Not because you were perfect, Or because I wanted to connect, But because I first liked you, For being the person you are, I saw the way you treated others, Like everyone was a sister or brother, You were never haughty or mean, You were […]

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Treasures Forever

Treasures Forever Sharing words of appreciation for all that is done, Shows me I’m respected, Being open and honest when we talk, Lets me trust you more, Reciprocating by doing something good, Demonstrates love, Not using critical or condemning words, Shows self control, Giving quality time shows you care, And builds bridges of love, Forgiving […]

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Choppin’ Cotton

Choppin’ Cotton     A chance for self-respect comes but a few times during a lifetime and I have to seize those moments and choose the way I want to be. Once that decision is stamped indelibly on my heart, there is no turning back, nor would I ever want to change. Long ago as […]

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