There are many who believe there are no angels, But I believe angels walk wherever there is light. When we block the light,  We are deceived by demons who are quick To lead us astray. I make choices, not just to please others, But to prove who I am, and who I want to be. […]



PUNCTURE   When I was twelve I had no time for capers, I had a job delivering newspapers  by bicycle, Going to the newspaper office at four a.m., Folding one hundred sixty papers, packing them into a bag, putting the bag on the back where it would not sag or drag and riding across town […]


The Faith I Can Fly

My dreams were big, It was all foretold, I thought I’d make my weight in gold, Life would be easy if I stayed the course, I’d claim my fortune and then rejoice, Though progress was slow in my early years, I had much to be thankful for, no time for tears, My family was growing, […]

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Give Me Time To Earn My Wings

Are you the angel I talk to at night? You’re right at my side when I turn out the light, I encourage you to listen but I ignore what you say, And yet you’re expected to guide me the “right” way, I should be quiet for awhile and listen to you, But I’m only human, […]

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