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As I get older I fit into society better than ever.

I think about my health, my finances, religion and weather.

It’s more than finding out what’s wrong

Because it’s been of great concern all along.

I listened to our President and I’m beginning to freak,

Because it’s time that I should fix my leak.

The problem is around me and everything depends

If I have control straight through to the end.

Tires get leaks, roofs leak too,

Leaks keep me awake nighttime through.

Boats spring leaks and become dangerous and sink,

Footballs get leaks and drive men to drink.

All over the country it’s the topic of the week,

Surely someone knows how to fix a leak.

Leaks in government destroy security and trust,

Yet I want our government to be true and just.

Too much power in the hand s of a few

Without restraints concern me and should alarm you.

The President seems anxious to fix his leak.

If he doesn’t fix it soon he could be up a creek.

Leaks in gossip are entertaining to hear,

But leaks without controls could bring destruction near.

I hope it is simple to fix a leak,

And all my words are truthful as I speak.

There is less need to fix a leak,

If I am honest and it’s truth I seek.

August 4, 2017




And lo, I saw a lamb with golden fleece,
Asking for reason, pleading for peace.
I asked my friends, “What does this mean?”
No one could describe what they’d never seen.
The lamb’s eyes were bleeding, swollen and raw,
There must be danger in something she saw.
From the mountains came a man from the East,
With a fierce countenance, and the mark from the beast.
The man asked, “What would it take for a war to start?”
He saluted and said, “I’m ready to blow this world apart!”
I thought about that as I traveled towards the sun,
He was right. The world’s troubles have just begun.
It only takes one crazed leader to light the fuse.
He could be already well-known and all over the news.
The lamb was quiet and then she said,
“Why do you ignore me? Do you wish to be dead?
Three large countries are ready to expand,
Where will they get their new-found land?
Will they destroy the people who live there now?
Will you defend the weak and helpless somehow?
The rules of war say be cautious, you can’t use gas,
Or other weapons of destruction, the threats will pass.
But I know your hearts,” the lamb said sadly.
“Nuclear bombs will be used, and the war will end badly.”
I could see in her eyes how the war would unfold,
Countless men lying on the ground, lifeless and cold.
And the deaths will include mothers, daughters and sons,
No one will be safe until the carnage is done.
There is one final chance for the world to have peace.”
She walked into the sunset in a blaze of golden fleece.
But I heard her words of wisdom coming from high above,
I listened then and thought she said, “It’s all about love.
We must speak up now. Every person must have a voice.
It’s now or never. We have no other choice!”

I’m only a poet trying to make sense of what I see.
I’m not ready for Armageddon and I hope you agree,
We can learn to share the world; it’s not too small for me.
We can’t ignore it much longer unless it’s meant to be.
May 15, 2017


Beasts surround our tents,
wanting in, seeking our warmth,
tasting the air, listening to our hearts.
The hawks cry out warnings,
Small creatures run for cover,
The beasts circle us,
eagerly licking their chops,
ready to pounce with teeth and nails,
fish swim away, hurrying upstream,
away from expected carnage.
The beasts around us,
They are not leaving.
They draw closer, eyes feverish,
They feel our terror
as we close our eyes to the inevitable.
We finally see the beasts that surround,
The enemies are us,
And we fear what we have become.
May 6, 2017

Death and Destruction

Love heart uidaodjsdsew

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Death and Destruction


I chose to be open, knowing what could happen right from the start,

Without the protection of stone walls I had a vulnerable heart,

And when death and destruction arrived on the very same day,

I took them in voluntarily, that’s all I can say,

My heart was unguarded and death’s attack was swift,

Vicious puncture wounds were left and the sudden lift,

Blood draining, life waning, in the aftermath was fear,

Destruction’s devices were different, slow, abrasive, and clear,

Humiliation, fear of being left, or not being good enough,

My heart struggled to find even ground, somewhere out of the rough,

Without someone to lean upon I searched for ways to reach the sky,

But loneliness filled my nights while my unfulfilled dreams marched by,

Yet when mornings brought the sun I smiled as I soaked in the heat,

Each day I faced the world again with many experiences to greet,

Neither love’s demise nor slow destruction would pin me for long,

I was determined to love again for my heart still pounded strong,

Though wave after wave had crashed against my heart’s core,

I still stood, a lighthouse beaming from the ravished shore,

As I round another turn, it’s clear what lies ahead,

I could wind up with the roses, or eat dust again instead,

Love will forward surge even beyond the finish pole,

For I will give what it takes to reach my own true goal,

Love marches on with opportunities life so freely gives,

I’ll stay the course and keep on track, for love in my heart still lives.







One Storm Was Different


Image by Jonathan Gill via Flickr

Time after
time I observed beautiful storms,

Wanting to
see differences, wanting to see norms,

Usually they
appeared suddenly, lighting up the sky,

And I would
watch with wonder as they passed me by,


But one
storm looked different, just a little odd,

Its profile
dark and menacing, its shoulders wide and broad,

The storm
moved quickly in from the west,

Its eyes
flashed angrily and it spoke loudly with zest,


I could see
its determined look the closer it came,

Then a
funnel descended, and it called out my name,

I hid in my
basement, away from the destructive wind,

It was out
to destroy me, I knew it was no friend,

My home was
gone, the storm took all I had,

But I had
evaded death this time; the storm was really mad,


Time after
time I weathered marital fights,

Wanting to
know who was wrong and who was right,

these arguments would flare up fast,

But I didn’t
want to listen until my anger was past,

One fight
seemed different, just a little odd,

Her words were
mean and icy, but my shoulders were broad,

The quarrel
continued, I felt tightness in my chest,

Her eyes
flashed and her words continued with zest,


I could see
the fury in her face, the closer she came,

My pride was
punctured as she called me some awful names,

I hid in
silence, away from her angry glare,

She was out
to destroy me, no longer did she care,


Along with
my heart she took away my pride,

But I still
had lots of love bottled deep inside,

When she
left I had to face life once again,

With little
to lose this time, but much more to gain,

I’ll continue
enjoying storms as they roll into view,

But this
time I’ll be aware of the destruction one storm can do.



Harvest of Dreams

I could say the world is fractured,

Spinning crazily out of control,

With floods, disease, and death,

Corrupt governments with no soul,

How can I find words of gratitude,

For the blessings I have received,

When voices wounded and angry,

Are saying they have been deceived,

I could say I’ve been lucky,

With family, health, and a job,

And ignore the world’s pitiful wail,

As it’s trampled by a mob,

There are shocking glimpses of truth,

With media and words of pleading,

They resonate deep within the soul,

It’s hard to stop the bleeding,

From out of chaos I will rise above,

Blessing others on destiny’s road,   

One step forward, one day at a time,

I’ll help lighten someone’s load,

Soothing answers though are not enough,

To stop the destruction and greed,

So I will climb over the walls,

To help someone in need,

I cannot forget the troubles of the world,

While I listen to the anguished cries,

During this season I’ll give of myself,

I’ll reach out as the needs arise,

What can I do? I’m just one, you know,

That will show that I’ve been blessed,

I’ll give thanks for all I’ve received,

But service for others will be my test,

I can’t tune the world out,

Just to let beauty come in,

But I can work to change myself,

Starting with my heart within,

Every day is a harvest of dreams,

When I ease the plight of another,

The things once said could not be done,

Are possible when I work with others.