She was beautiful and sexy, A woman every man wanted to see. A stranger whose appearance Brought out the very beast in me. “I want her,’ my heart pleaded, “She’s everything I’ve dreamed.” “Calm down,” my brain insisted, “Maybe she’s not all she seemed.” Her womanly curves distracted Every man that night she met. I […]


Poor Charlee

  Poor Charlee   Where is the dog that played all day?   She’s lying stiff and silent in my doorway.   Just a few weeks ago she had life and fire,   A special kind of spirit that was hard to acquire.   Who poisoned this dog I want to know?   She was […]

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Your Pets Know

  Your Pets Know   When you’re alone or scared at night and feeling very tense,   Who knows what dogs hear, and who knows what they sense,   A dog might snarl and show her teeth while staring at a wall,   Someone might have entered the room, yet you see nothing at all, […]

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From the Beginning

    My Life from the Beginning   I awoke from darkness and fell into light,   Cold was the day, not as warm as night,   Understanding the world was my very first task,   Answers surrounded me, all I needed was to ask,   Wet puppy kisses, purrs from a cat,   I […]

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Just Me

Here’s to another day, Dog, It’s you and me again, That’s okay cause I don’t have money to spend, We’ll just share the TV, Watch a little basketball, You and me, Dog, do you wish you were all alone, Chewing on a big juicy bone? Or would you like this house to fill, Up with […]

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Loud Noises and the Storm

The two German shepherds were usually on self-imposed duty protecting the children.  They lay by the door watching cars and people go by on the street.  Sometimes their ears would turn and focus on certain sounds.  If the sounds were benign or considered normal the ears would relax.  If the noises hinted of trouble the ears […]

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Chasing Rabbits

Chasing Rabbits Sometimes I would take Roxy and Pixie, my two labs, down to the river for long walks and let them explore.  Not only was it a change of scenery but it was a time for me to reflect about life in general.  During one of those outings I observed how life works for […]

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