(MEDICAL version) So many people with numerous degrees, Acknowledgements, honors and pedigrees, Each contributing with all they do, Unselfish and willing, just like you. Climbing and wending their way to the top, Gaining a life-long education that will never stop. Research rewarded by new found cures, Insatiable curiosity that will always endure. All are determined […]



Harmony I used to live in Harmony, Located just a little ways off the road In a tiny place in the great southwest. Living in Harmony was not for all, Unless you count the ones who couldn’t sing, Or for those who closed their eyes And ignored the cruel world And claimed it was for […]



Totally unexpected, Like a sudden inspiration, There came a spectacular vision, Expanding and growing beyond all comprehension, A simple revelation, A bolt of lightning that shook me to my foundation, All my life I had been waiting for this recognition a jolt, jump starting my imagination taking me out of my doldrums past all the […]


Dear Amy,

Dear Amy, I was pleased to receive your letter, and I hope you’re getting better. Sorry that I scared you, but it seemed the best thing to do. I was expecting you to leap into my arms, but you chose to withhold your charms. As for the garden we planted by the light of the […]

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With Love and Power

Your Lights Throb With Love and Power Our emotional lights are wired differently, I love how you glow so full and free, Your lights throb with love and power, Making the world softer each hour, Yours are more delicate than mine, If one of your lights goes out, Your lights don’t shine, My lights continue […]

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Exercise is Fun

The Benefits of Exercise Don’t ask me if I do anything exciting. Just walking my Labradors can be exciting. On a peaceful Sunday afternoon I took them for a walk. Well, not just a walk. I noticed they were really anxious to go out so I thought I would just wear them down and get […]

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