Hockey and Halloween

Mayhem at the Rink (a Halloween tale) One Halloween night all creatures were astir, Ready for anything gross that might occur, Blood curdling screams and fights were about, In the midst of the mayhem a hockey game broke out, From out of the sky Count Dracula swooped down, His voice boomed out and was heard […]

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Just Call Me Number Five

If I didn’t have siblings, I wonder how life would be, What names would Mom, Have called me?   She seemed to forget, Which name did I get? Was I older or younger, It didn’t matter, her ways were set,   It became an endless game, When she couldn’t remember my name, What meaning did […]

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Telling Lies at Christmas

Mark asked, “What’s your name?” My son looked at him with a sparkle in his eye, This was going to be a fun game, “George. If you ask me again, I’ll tell you the same,” My son was smiling and having some fun, I couldn’t see how that would hurt anyone, But Bill took exception […]

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Exclamation Point!

Exclamation Point! I didn’t ask to be like Job, Whose life took a backward thrust, Yet here I am with shredded heart, Arising from the dust, I’ve lost at love one more time, But it will not hold me down, Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world, With a smile instead of a frown, […]

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