Two Gossamer Wings

The storm raged throughout the night, The thunder was loud and the lightning was bright, I slept in the basement to avoid the worst, For I was of the opinion that hell had burst, Straight line wind gusts of sixty or more, Had blown a tree over and knocked open my door, When morning dawned […]

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Now What?

I wanted to sit next to her, But I was sure it wasn’t a great idea, She interested and excited me, Yet it was not meant to be, I knew the mental state I was in, She was pretty, intelligent, and wise, I did not want to be rejected again, Although it wouldn’t be a […]

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The Faith I Can Fly

My dreams were big, It was all foretold, I thought I’d make my weight in gold, Life would be easy if I stayed the course, I’d claim my fortune and then rejoice, Though progress was slow in my early years, I had much to be thankful for, no time for tears, My family was growing, […]

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What It Is, It Is…………

A friend of mine asked me today, “What should I do if love has its way? I don’t know how to keep the flames stirred, Do you know the answer? Tell me the secret word,” I studied him intently, “You know my advice is free, And I’ll tell you the truth even if you disagree, […]

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Telling Lies at Christmas

Mark asked, “What’s your name?” My son looked at him with a sparkle in his eye, This was going to be a fun game, “George. If you ask me again, I’ll tell you the same,” My son was smiling and having some fun, I couldn’t see how that would hurt anyone, But Bill took exception […]

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Porcelain and Steel

Porcelain and Steel You are porcelain, I am steel, Delicate emotions let you tenderly feel, Behind steel walls my feelings I conceal, We’re from the same species I would say, But how different we are; it blows me away, You’re rough and tough until you build your nest, While I continue to hunt or continue […]

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Choppin’ Cotton

Choppin’ Cotton     A chance for self-respect comes but a few times during a lifetime and I have to seize those moments and choose the way I want to be. Once that decision is stamped indelibly on my heart, there is no turning back, nor would I ever want to change. Long ago as […]

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