Where are the heroes that are rising from the earth? Where are the youth who have ignored the truth? The heroes and youth are no longer brave, The truth is dead and buried in graves. And ghosts of our ancestors are crying, crying, crying. The truth is no longer remembered or respected. And each of […]



Qualms about war He had no qualms about signing up. After all, wasn’t war about heroes and doing right? Many of his friends had already gone, Eager to prove themselves and show they could fight. He wanted to be a pilot, a hotshot ace, Swooping down to save his fellow soldiers, A hero from outer […]

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“Where Are the Superheroes?”

I’ve always enjoyed the superheroes, Someone to come and save the day, Whenever there was trouble brewing, They knew what to do and what to say, I admired them because they stood for justice, They protected man, woman, and child, Evil was always stopped and punished, It was never allowed to just run wild, But […]

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The Three Visions

 I’ve been having visions that fill my night, The past and the future, each was an awesome sight, But the present time, as the world was displayed, Much was in disorder, I was terribly dismayed, The First Vision:  The Past Caretakers were here since time began, Preparing a place for woman and man, Their wings […]

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