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As I get older I fit into society better than ever.

I think about my health, my finances, religion and weather.

It’s more than finding out what’s wrong

Because it’s been of great concern all along.

I listened to our President and I’m beginning to freak,

Because it’s time that I should fix my leak.

The problem is around me and everything depends

If I have control straight through to the end.

Tires get leaks, roofs leak too,

Leaks keep me awake nighttime through.

Boats spring leaks and become dangerous and sink,

Footballs get leaks and drive men to drink.

All over the country it’s the topic of the week,

Surely someone knows how to fix a leak.

Leaks in government destroy security and trust,

Yet I want our government to be true and just.

Too much power in the hand s of a few

Without restraints concern me and should alarm you.

The President seems anxious to fix his leak.

If he doesn’t fix it soon he could be up a creek.

Leaks in gossip are entertaining to hear,

But leaks without controls could bring destruction near.

I hope it is simple to fix a leak,

And all my words are truthful as I speak.

There is less need to fix a leak,

If I am honest and it’s truth I seek.

August 4, 2017




Our family had traditions,

Coffee, morning newspaper, crossword puzzles,

Discussions about upcoming plans,

American holidays, political candidates,

The winners and also rans.

The discussions blended together

And nobody cussed,

But one thing was sure, we sought the truth,

We took pride in knowing George Washington

Didn’t lie when he chopped down the cherry tree,

And Lincoln was known as “honest Abe”,

They were leaders we could look up to.

We believed our country attracted the world’s best,

And with hard work and determination

We could rise to the top with all the rest.

Our leaders were thoughtful and honest,

 We believed in a handshake or giving our word,

To lie or to cheat was simply absurd.

We believed in who we were fighting for or voting for,

And we wanted to be known for  loving more.

But somehow our love relationships and respect

For each other has gone out the door.

There are no more honest presidents like George or Abe.

Our words are not true and our relationships worthless to save.

We are not honest and always true,

Ugly Americans, we are called, and other words too.

Where are the immigrants, natives, and protectors of rights?

We hide in the darkness and run from the light.

It’s time to tell the truth.

July 22, 2017



Making a Choice (The Fairy Queen and Me)

Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman"...

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The fairy queen stood proudly by me,

A statuesque beauty at my side,

And I, the recently exiled king,

Was thrilled she was my bride,

Upon my shoulders I wore a cloak,

Fairy magic had hidden me well,

To any outsider I appeared an oak,

In harmony with earth with the spell,

My trusty sword was ready to swing,

I thought with fairy magic,

I could conquer anything,

But alone I walked, a battle to seek,

My enthusiasm was shaken,

My knees were suddenly weak,

I realized I could not attack from the wood,

For fairy magic can only be used for good,

I noticed a stranger approaching from the east,

With a long bow and quiver, riding a beast,

A canvas covered box was within his grasp,

He asked if I wanted him to open the clasp,

“Only if it holds something for the good,

I’ll accept nothing evil, let that be understood,”

The stranger looked startled and ceased to grin,

“Think clearly, oh king, if you desire to win,

I have magic in this box that could kill you,

And the arrows I carry fly straight and true!”

“Go,” I said, “I’ve learned much from my queen,

Honesty, beauty, joy, and the earth always green,

I will not change my mind even unto death,

So away with your evil,” I hissed under my breath,

I watched him leave for a long, long, while,

Then I turned and saw the fairy queen’s smile,

She whispered, “I love you more than you’ll ever know,

I’ll fight by your side, dealing blow upon blow,”

I uttered, “With goodness and truth we’ll find another way,”

I could feel love’s awesome power increasing that day,

But was there too much evil to enact a new plan?

Would good be banned forever from this land?