If I could see my dogs In the middle of dreams chasing rabbits, their paws racing in air turning corners with care they run and run, and I laugh as I watch. I wonder if they watch as I sleep, when my dreams go deep, While I run and run Do dogs laugh at me […]


Fame was not to be

Part one.   When I first started writing I thought this was the life I wanted to have, inspiration and love, sweat and tears, ink smeared on my face, and a shirt that looked like a writer’s shirt. My dream came true, except I also wanted to be rich and famous. Life did not come […]

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Beware of the Hypnotist

I’m not usually a prude, Although I’m rather quiet and shy, What happened one night when out with friends, Made me seem like a different guy,   I went up on stage with others of my group, “Take a deep breath,” I heard someone say, “Relax and enjoy what your mind lets you do, Each […]

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Just Me

Here’s to another day, Dog, It’s you and me again, That’s okay cause I don’t have money to spend, We’ll just share the TV, Watch a little basketball, You and me, Dog, do you wish you were all alone, Chewing on a big juicy bone? Or would you like this house to fill, Up with […]

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Belle Goes to School

One Sunday as I finished giving Belle her weekly scrub, Her expression said, “I’m tired of being in the tub,” She looked shaggy while wet and needing a trim, And I don’t think she liked her little swim,   As soon as her feet hit the bathroom floor, Lickety-split she was out the bathroom door, […]

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“Sweaty and Dirty” (Part Two)

“Sweaty and Dirty”   (Part Two) It was suggested I dress formal, I learned from a note, There were also several emails, they seemed so remote, Yet I obtained her address, phone number, and name, This seemed like a secret mission, or a wild party game, I bought what a saleswoman recommended, yet odd I felt, […]

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“Sweaty and Dirty”

Forgiveness is a Positive Virtue She was trembling as she stood facing me, Was there something she wanted to see? Her hands were pressed against her chest, Then I noticed she was cupping her breasts, It was difficult for her to hide her fright, Her small voice quavered ever so slight, When she asked, “Are […]

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