Lightning flashed and thunder roared, I fell to my knees and prayed. My life was changed before my eyes, My options could not be weighed. All my life I had claimed control, And I could have once again, But I knew I would be lying to all, My protests would be in vain. Her love […]


Updrafts and Downdrafts

I leave chasing storms, To those with fast cars, Because once hit by a hailstone, There’s a tendency to see stars,   One day in a thunderstorm, A hailstone towards me rolled, “Say hey, Mr. Hailstone, Aren’t you being a little bit bold?”   “Updrafts and downdrafts, Have made me what I am, I’ve grown […]

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Frozen in Ice (Part One)

He was an avid hunter searching for conquests, Hungry to gobble one more lonely heart, Always busy, there was never a moment to rest, Always looking for a new place to start, David liked music and dancing, because the beat, That rhythmic bass and pounding drum, Always stirred the depths and raised the heat, Across […]

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Choppin’ Cotton

Choppin’ Cotton     A chance for self-respect comes but a few times during a lifetime and I have to seize those moments and choose the way I want to be. Once that decision is stamped indelibly on my heart, there is no turning back, nor would I ever want to change. Long ago as […]

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