WHO? I’m a who A person who cares When a leader treats His fellow citizens with disrespect. Misinterpreting deliberately And ignoring Constitutional rights. I didn’t see disrespect on the field. Just the opposite. I saw pain in faces Of those who love their country and their God. They met as team members united and proud. […]

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UNCOMFORTABLE You say all who disagree Should leave the country But I remember hearing you say Long ago at another harsh time That you would defend to the death the right of someone to speak out. What makes you uncomfortable now? The protests are not against country or flag But against racism and violation of […]



Our country is strong because we agree On the same principles. Our country is even stronger because we can disagree And accept our differences. Should we agree and march to the same tune We square our shoulders and see eye to eye. But if we disagree we hold our heads high, Because Ideas discussed and […]


The World is Ready For Love

I do not believe hate can destroy hate. Hate only intensifies when more hate is added to the flames.  Love is the only way to keep hate from growing.   Love’s powerful emotion will gradually smooth and soothe until hate runs and hides.  Only love can mend broken people, broken nations, and broken hearts.   The world […]

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CREATION How can something be created out of nothing? do existing building blocks determine whether new creations are formed? What is new? Something that grew? Or is that simply a step away from  something we already knew? I shudder to think the world is on the brink Of changing what was originally created, building and […]

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BLOSSOMS IN HER HAIR She wore a blossom in her hair, A symbol of her love, Telling me without words That she was always there And in the mood for love. Each blossom represented Her passion and to what degree, From white to deep red, Clues easy for me to see. Just one quick glance […]



TOO MUCH   She was too tall. I was too short. She was too rich. I was too poor. She was too thin. I was too fat. She was too old. I was too young. She was too hot. I was too cold. I loved her too much.  She loved me more. She listened to […]

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