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Early in the morning before all the stores were open, two men arrived in a nondescript gray sedan. They had looked the small town over, debated on several escape routes, and finally decided they would leave on the same street they came in. It could have been any other street but their choice was probably the best because the other streets were not as clean.
“Odd way of thinking about a getaway street but there had to be some criteria for picking an escape route.” I remember telling the sheriff that after the ill-fated episode. We were just sitting on the porch, after the robbery, playing lawyer, trying to come up with reasonable explanations why someone would rob a café when there was a bank right next door. It still doesn’t make sense.
Anyway, these two men sauntered into the café, sniffed the air, and plunked down on a couple of swivel chairs. “It’s gonna be a hot one today,” the short man said. “I bet you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.”
One of the waitresses, Rebecca, was busy wrapping the silverware so she almost missed the expression on the stranger’s face when Ruth said, “Bobby, don’t bother using the skillets or frying pans today. This man says he wants his egg cooked on the sidewalk so it can get more flavor.”
“Now, honey, I didn’t say that. you’re stretching the truth and making me mad. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I just want an ordinary breakfast so we can be back on the road.”
“Where you all heading? You don’t want to be on the road after ten. And make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen. You’ll fry if you’re in the sun too long.”
The short man said, “We’ll take our chances. Now give us each a breakfast and be quick about it. We’ve got to be in El Paso before noon. And,” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gun. “I want all of you to finance the adventure.” He looked around the room. “Put all your money in this bag. George will be coming around to collect.”
“As soon as I fry these hash browns and flip the eggs, I’ll be right with you,” Rebecca called out. “We’re short-handed right now. The other waitress went home sick and Floyd, the cook, is out getting supplies. I can’t tell you when the cash drawer will open. It’s on a timer. The cash was counted this morning and delivered to the bank. You might as well put your gun away and have a cup of coffee. You’ll feel much better if you get your blood circulating. Last week, Bill was feeling poorly and got real cranky. He didn’t settle down until he had coffee and some apple crisp. Did I tell you Sally Mae is the best pie maker in Succotash County? She fries the apples before mixing them with the other ingredients. She will probably win the blue ribbon this year too.”
“Lady, I have no interest in Sally Mae’s pies. I thought her apple crisp was tasteless, like it was fried on the street. Please don’t make me hurt you. If we get caught this would be my third strike. The judge said if we got in trouble again we would fry on the rack.”
“George, will you check our escape and make sure nobody’s in our path?”
George did not return as expected. Shorty, the short man, found George and two other gang members working the grill, selling hot dogs and hamburgers. It was the first time the Succotash County Wildcats made enough cash to purchase matching uniforms .
It was the start of a new era. The Wildcats reigned as champions for several years. The Bad News Wildcats did quite well until that notorious girls’ team beat them in the championship. That humiliating experience was fried into their memory but never mentioned again.


Totally unexpected,
Like a sudden inspiration,
There came a spectacular vision,
Expanding and growing beyond all comprehension,
A simple revelation,
A bolt
of lightning
that shook me to my foundation,
All my life I had been waiting
for this recognition
a jolt,
jump starting my imagination
taking me out of my doldrums
past all the writers’ blocks,
all the hindrances that could impede my progress.
one simple jolt.
But after all I’ve tried
I’m back to square one.
My brain is fried.

First Friday

How could there be a First Friday?
Every week had a Friday,
Just one Friday to focus on,
One Friday to make plans for fun.
Nothing different about one day
Except perceptions about a time to pray.
Why would one Friday suffice
As a day for sacrifice?
A First Friday to meditate
And see control as more than fate.


It’s hard to keep topics timely.
Whatever I say or do,
Is often out of view.
What was said yesterday,
Is swallowed up by today.
Forgotten. Pushed aside. Covered up.
Two hundred girls, chemicals used,
A murder in our town,
What does timely mean
If we ignore what’s going down?
There’s not much we can do
If we only sit and stew.
How can we write with pride
If important things are set aside?
We have to be timely.

No One Else Will Do

Love Songs (Heart album)

Love Songs (Heart album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d call you my love,

Though I haven’t had the nerve,

Because you’re everything I wanted,

Much more than I deserve,


In my dreams you’re by my side,

That’s where you want to be,

I know what I see in you,

But what do you see in me?


If I could whisper in your ear,

And tell you of joys ahead,

I’d convince you of my love,

And take you to my bed,


Not tall tales but truths I’d tell,

And share with you my heart,

You would know how deep my soul,

And how much you played a part,


But don’t wait for me to say,

How much you mean to me,

Just know I have you in my heart,

That’s where you’ll always be,


I want to claim you for my own,

To share the whole world wide,

I’ll listen and love you as you are,

And I’ll look at you with pride,


You won’t have to read my mind,

To know what I think of you,

You’ll always be my love,

Because no one else will do.




If I Could I Really Would

If I could,
I would only write inspired verse,
I really would,
My words would flow like a river,
Dancing and swirling,
Taking trips downstream,
Influenced by the rain,
Waving goodbye to the mountains,
Singing happy refrains,
If I could,
My lyrics would fill the air,
As lovers drifted by without a care,
Or my words would tow the barges,
Loaded with meaning and inspiration,
My words would flow like a river,
Filling hearts with small delights,
Lifting souls to new heights,
If I could,
I would only write inspired verse,
I really would.

Psalm one–Anguish

Psalm one–Anguish
How many times have I cried out but You have not answered?
In the darkest of times I have cried and asked for Your help,
It would be easy to say You are not there or You are sleeping,
Yet I know You are the one, true God who is always listening.
Perhaps I am not worthy of help, but Lord, I have never been worthy,
Only by the blood of your son, Jesus, can I stand before You,
Washed by the blood, covered by the blood, protected by the blood,
The windows of Heaven have not opened up for me,
I feel empty, alone, unprotected, open to Satan’s attacks,
Yet You were there when I hit bottom, when there was nothing but despair and darkness,
You were there to pick me up and let me see and feel Your love, but why not now?
I am sick and tired of being in debt, feeling that I must constantly deny myself the fun of daily living,
The joy of going out with someone I care about,
I feel like a failure because I cannot provide my own children with good things,
Help them with their own struggles with debt,
Help them with their own loves and families,
Besides getting them together and interacting more often.
If my children need help, can I ignore their struggles?
Can I give them a stick or a snake and expect them to be satisfied?
What kind of father would I be if I didn’t care for them?
Because You are the one, true, wise God, the originator of love,
You know all the answers, but I get no response to my prayers,
Is it that I simply cannot see what You’re doing for me?
Or is there something that is blocking my prayers to You?
You promised You would answer and give us our needs if we but ask,
So why do You not heed my request?
I am hurting in so many ways. I am deficient in faith. I am confused by love. I am lacking in wisdom.
I grow older each day and physically I weaken.
My eyes grow dim, my hearing is worse, and my enthusiasm falters.
I no longer dream great dreams or have visions,
My joy for each day is less because I cannot see beyond my own troubles,
I do not want to be just a bitter man.
Fill me with Your Spirit. Revive me. Breathe into me new life and joy,
Fill me with hope, love, and peace,
Lord, manifest yourself to me.
Let me see You in others,
Let me be an inspiration by allowing Your light to shine through me,
Let me be a part of Your ever flowing water.
Lord, fill that vacuum inside me that only You can fill,
You made me and gave me a purpose,
Renew that purpose and let me live once more.
Amen. Selah. Praise be to the Lord Jehovah.