A kiss is never just a kiss. It means something  More than lips touching. It’s the contact of hearts, Closing the distance between, Throwing caution to the wind, Listening to the voices within, Hoping, believing, risking, daring, Choosing to take away the loneliness, With a fresh start, Opening up the heart, Learning to be vulnerable […]



I said, “I want to be friends.” “Don’t you think I’m attractive?” you asked. “This has nothing to do with that,” I replied. “Are you rejecting my love?” you asked sadly. This conversation was already going badly. We had met two weeks before and shared poetry, Hers was light and fluffy, lifting the soul. Mine […]

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Lightning flashed and thunder roared, I fell to my knees and prayed. My life was changed before my eyes, My options could not be weighed. All my life I had claimed control, And I could have once again, But I knew I would be lying to all, My protests would be in vain. Her love […]


The Galaxies Within Your Eyes

Your eyes are closed but I imagine the galaxies caught, Your eyelids covering them tight, Oh, how I cherish the way you made me feel, As we loved all through the night, I saw stars, perhaps those very ones in your eyes, I’ve never felt more alive than this, As we shared kiss after fevered […]

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My Sweet Kiss

She laughs at my jokes, She’s shy, she’s bold, But a sight to behold, She twirls her hair, While she’s standing there, I smile at her and take her hand, I want her to understand, That I want to know As much as I can, About her, She fascinates me, Though I want and need […]

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Sensory Overload!

While looking into your love’s eyes, Change his heart with a kiss, Overwhelm his senses, With promises of bliss, One lip to nibble, Two to taste, How many doesn’t matter, There’s none to waste, Tenderness or passion, Give him a cue, Discover his weaknesses, Repeat steps one and two, You’ll have to be careful, To […]

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