LOVE HAS ARRIVED Lonely and aching, I knew there could be no hesitating, If love should ever arrive. My true love was out there somewhere, Breathing the same air. “Where are you?” I prayed each night, And though I prayed with all my might, I answered my own question talking to myself. “You are not […]



If I could see my dogs In the middle of dreams chasing rabbits, their paws racing in air turning corners with care they run and run, and I laugh as I watch. I wonder if they watch as I sleep, when my dreams go deep, While I run and run Do dogs laugh at me […]


That’s What Matters

That’s What Matters When we first met, You were so beautiful, Your eyes, your face, The way you talked, Your hair, your voice, The way you walked, Each day you were more beautiful, Your smile brightened my way, We shared more each day, We were learning to compromise and agree, And that’s what mattered to […]

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Let’s Change the Way We Live

Let’s Change the Way We Live Lately we’ve had our moments of doubt, Where one of us would spout or shout, I’m tired of fighting, so I’ll seek you out, Let’s set up a date night, Where we can dine by candlelight, We’ll sit face to face and talk, Not about the weather or about […]

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One Petal at a Time

One Petal at a Time I focus on the positive, It’s there wherever I look, Whether a forest deep and dark, Or in the pages of a book, But often I forget to see, Beauty just in front of me, A child’s face with impish grin, Or a hawk soaring high and free, It’s time […]

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Notes of My Life’s Song

Notes of My Life’s Song Each day notes of my life’s song, Make sweet memories, Spreading warmth and sparkling glitter, While other notes might be sweetly bitter, Glad was I to have touched a chord, Stirred and strummed across a heart, Which gave my song an electric start, Part of my song is gone and […]

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How Can I?

How Can I? How can I hear music without remembering you? Without feeling you, how can I dance? While the beat goes on I’m in a trance, Remembering your warmth pressed to me, While my world goes on silently, Without you here, nothing will ever be the same, I won’t be able to face the […]

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