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Totally unexpected,
Like a sudden inspiration,
There came a spectacular vision,
Expanding and growing beyond all comprehension,
A simple revelation,
A bolt
of lightning
that shook me to my foundation,
All my life I had been waiting
for this recognition
a jolt,
jump starting my imagination
taking me out of my doldrums
past all the writers’ blocks,
all the hindrances that could impede my progress.
one simple jolt.
But after all I’ve tried
I’m back to square one.
My brain is fried.

TOO OLD I’m too old for sex…according to my kids. My life is over, I’m on the skids. I’m too old to drive…according to impatient youth. If I object to their speeds, I’m rude and uncouth. What am I too old for? I’m too old for hot foods, cold foods, and maybe all foods. My teeth are gone, but my taste buds are good. I’m too old for women, But can’t I still look? My eyes still work. Does that make me a jerk? I can admire what young men ignore, So what am I too old for? I shouldn’t be hiking, riding any kind of cycle. Exercise might kill me or might make me smile, Might give me reasons to walk a mile. Too old to live, not ready to die, My time is coming and you don’t need to cry. I’m not as young, as smart, as tall, or as slim, My medical conditions are real, not based on whim. I’m not a decoration, a person without a mind, I’m still me, one of a kind. Am I too old to enjoy this earth? Am I without value, without any worth? I am older than yesterday, younger than tomorrow, I’ve faced challenges, deep joys, and sorrow. I’m not too old to love or care, My love doesn’t rely on muscles or hair. My knowledge is not based on flimsy lies. Consider me old but very wise. Am I too old for one more day? Too old to kneel, thank God, and pray? I’m not too old to dream or regret, Or to appreciate the moments I get. The world is traveling at a faster pace But i’m not too old to make it a better place. Tell me your secrets, whether bad or worse, And I’ll still dance with you across the universe. My worth does not rely on my outer shell, I think it’s love, that has served me well. Am I too old to hold you tight? If your heart is empty, I’ll be there tonight. We will discuss all things like this, Then sleep soundly after a kiss.

“Risk Free!”

Weak but strong, and broken inside. Nowhere el...

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“Try my love risk free,”

She whispered ardently,

She said it so earnestly,

How could I not believe?


Her eyes left me no doubt,

Yet the truth took another route,

How could she bring this about,

Had she practiced to deceive?


Her lips were moist and sweet,

She was mesmerizing clear to her feet,

She was a vision of truth, not deceit,

Was there any part of her I couldn’t believe?


She was a veritable love machine,

Grinding, twisting, crushing everything between,

Her love was more hidden than seen,

Had she practiced to deceive?


Her heart and her head were miles apart,

As she torched my love and took my heart,

I wondered, oh why, oh why, did I ever start,

But how could I not believe?


True to her word she was risk free,

There was no love, no commitment, no honesty,

She didn’t even need to lie to me,

I wanted desperately to believe,


I dared to be loved by her flame,

She drew me in without calling my name,

I fell for love so willingly that I’m to blame,

I didn’t think she would deceive,


All she said to me,

She whispered it so sweetly,

“Try my love, risk free.”

Letting Go


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Why am I holding
on to life and love,

Didn’t I
learn my lesson long ago,

Didn’t I see
this coming right at me,

How can I say
I didn’t know,


As an infant
I clutched my mother’s breast,

secure with nothing to fear,

It was there
that I learned best,

Love made
all things seem so clear,


As a
teenager my heart was fickle,

Love had not
learned to bloom and grow,

And in my dreams
all went right,

Love was controllable
and pliable like dough,


In my dreams
I climbed a mountain slope,

My ropes
keeping me safe from the world below,

Yet it was
difficult to know,

Why I needed
to learn how to let go,


As a
teenager my heart was fickle,

Love had not
learned to bloom and grow,

And in my world
all went right,

Until my
heart suffered another blow,


I thought
love would always be grand,

But….I did
not know how to let go,

expectations changed my path,

Because love was not pliable like dough,


When I grew
older and fell in love,

I was
vulnerable to love’s ebb and flow,

My heart was
broken when I was left all alone,

I’d never
learned how to let go,


were tricky and difficult to learn,

I became
afraid to do more than just exist,

My heart was
heavy, I had lost again,

I marked
another zero on my list,


When my
children graduated from school,

Leaving me
with an empty nest,

I wasn’t
ready to let them know,

That I might
never be happy to see them go,


When my
parents passed to a world beyond,

Who could I
ask when I didn’t know,

I was next
on the list of love and life,

Should I get
ready to let life go,


What parts
of love were within my grasp,

What parts
of love could I not clasp,

Time slipped
by so quickly I never did know,

When I
should hold on and when I should let go.

The Teacher

The Teacher
She welcomed us into the room,
Calling out our names one by one,
We filed in, found our desks,
And listened until she was done.
One friend was here, another there,
I waved at each one in turn,
But before we could engage in talk,
She looked at us with concern.
“Take heed, my wonderful class,
I’ve got big plans for you this year.
I’ve set some goals I know you’ll reach,
We’re off to a new frontier.”
Her eyes swept across the room,
Questioning us without a word,
I knew we were being challenged,
To work harder, I thought was absurd.
“Each of you will discover a rich new world,
You’ll score better on every test,
If you’re present each and every day,
And try always to do your best.”
My learning improved and I felt good,
The year flew by in a maddening rush,
I began to study for other classes,
And miraculously, no one had to push.
To this day I really don’t know,
If my teacher was as good as she could be,
All I know is that I graduated cum laude,
And she was my fondest memory.

Time Has Changed Me

Time Has Changed Me

Time has taken away my youthful look,
Taken away my keener eye and spring out of my step,
I could say time has done me no favors,
But I would be wrong, for I am strong,
Strong in spirit and guile,
Knowing what it takes to go the extra mile,
Knowing what it takes to love and love again,
Time has changed me,
Giving me bones that fail,
But giving me wisdom to see what lies beyond each wall,
Knowing there’s life after a fall,
Proving to me life goes on,
That tomorrow will probably come,
Time has taught me that I have experience to choose,
More wisely each and every time,
Showing me what I already knew,
That appearance does not count,
As much as what springs from the heart,
Time has changed me and now I can see,
Through the eyes of one who can love,
Through the eyes of one who is not afraid,
Wise and brave enough to be vulnerable,
Time has educated me,
I know that sensitivity is a gift to be shared,
That when love is given away it returns fourfold,
That pain can be a springboard to wisdom,
That life goes on,
That waiting patiently brings one reward,
While seizing an opportunity brings another,
Time has trained me,
Giving me a chance to improve and grow,
To learn all I should know,
To make amends for each and every sin,
That I let spring up and dwell within,
I have changed and am changing yet,
But I am not finished, my ways aren’t set,
For I am learning more about life’s intricate beauty,
And as time marches on, about love and duty,
Giving me all the tools I need,
To cultivate, prepare, and plant the seeds,
Easing the burdens of all who’ll hear,
Giving them hope for another year,
Letting them feel the warmth of wisdom,
Encouraging them to march to their own beat,
Telling them that life’s flickering moments,
Are warmed by love’s heat,
I have learned much in my lifetime,
Things I should have known but didn’t get,
But I have changed and am changing yet.