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Exclamation Point!

A yellow exclamation mark

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Exclamation Point!

I didn’t ask to be like Job,

Whose life took a backward thrust,

Yet here I am with shredded heart,

Arising from the dust,

I’ve lost at love one more time,

But it will not hold me down,

Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world,

With a smile instead of a frown,

I’m alone but not alone,

For I believe in a higher power,

Hope is there to guide my way,

Each and every hour,

My arms are bare and empty,

I have no one to hold,

So I choose to embrace the world,

Before my heart turns cold,

This world sparkles despite my pain,

My senses are acutely aware,

I see the beauty in this world,

And feel God’s presence there,

I smile at the turns I’ve made,

And all the times I’ve slipped,

Love will thrive the rest of my way,

It’s still within my grip,

Every day is a bonus day,

Full of meaningful things to do,

Challenges spring up daily at me,

Head on I’ll tackle them anew,

I don’t want to end my life,

With a period at the end of my game,

As a poet I want much more flair,

An exclamation point should mark my name!


She wrote that as my name,
Perhaps this was some kind of game,
What she meant I cannot understand,
Is it part of some devious plan?
Jeremiad, it’s but a name,
Didn’t I treat her fair, treat them all the same?
Have I not given her opportunity all along,
I look at myself constantly and find no wrong,
I have made the world a better place for all,
Rich or poor, short or tall,
With my redoubtable reputation I will soar,
Like Icarus, reaching the sun, or more,
If she simply comes to me obsequiously,
I will praise her and listen attentively,
But I think she does not know me,
For me to be Jeremiad, just cannot be.