The World is Ready For Love

I do not believe hate can destroy hate. Hate only intensifies when more hate is added to the flames.  Love is the only way to keep hate from growing.   Love’s powerful emotion will gradually smooth and soothe until hate runs and hides.  Only love can mend broken people, broken nations, and broken hearts.   The world […]

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There can be no peace, Until there are no lies. There will be no love Until we try to understand each other. We can talk forever, Without saying a truth. We can talk of hope, But let hope slip away. We can laugh together, And keep war at bay. There will be no peace, Until […]

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I saw peace in the form of a dove descending, Peace, sent from above, being offered to all people, including me. “Who wants peace?” I asked. I was sure all would agree. “Not me,” I heard over and over again. “We don’t want peace when there’s a chance to win!” A dark cloud began to […]



Qualms about war He had no qualms about signing up. After all, wasn’t war about heroes and doing right? Many of his friends had already gone, Eager to prove themselves and show they could fight. He wanted to be a pilot, a hotshot ace, Swooping down to save his fellow soldiers, A hero from outer […]

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A slur is a small word from a small mind, Usually leaving kindness and love In the distance far behind. Slur is not a proud word It isn’t used for giving praise, But to strike down bridges of peace and love, And to destroy the dreams we raise.

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Nowhere on Earth

  Nowhere on Earth   From the first time I saw her,   I thought she was beautiful.   Her eyes held flecks of green,   They mesmerized me.   And her innocence hid behind,   A smile that lit up the sky.   Who was I to know,   What was waiting around the […]

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