There can be no peace, Until there are no lies. There will be no love Until we try to understand each other. We can talk forever, Without saying a truth. We can talk of hope, But let hope slip away. We can laugh together, And keep war at bay. There will be no peace, Until […]

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I write to please myself and sometimes I express myself well. Writing is something I have to do to release memories or hang on to life’s treasured moments. I am a poet, but I also write short stories under my name or my pen name. I’ve published three paperbacks and I hope to have more […]



BUT I DIDN’T I never told you I loved you. It would have been so simple To make it very clear. But I didn’t. If I had called you dear, You might have known. But I didn’t. I kept my feelings inside Wrapped in my foolish pride. Because I loved you. I didn’t dream your […]

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You Took My Breath Away

  You Took My Breath Away   You were not the most beautiful girl there,   But your eyes were expressive and deep.   I did not hang on every word you spoke,   But inside I made promises to keep.   Somehow in those first magic moments   My world stopped and you took […]

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A Special Man

A Special Man   None of his wives Could live with him But they couldn’t live without. After work he would Sit in his chair Like a king on his throne And his current wife would scurry about Taking care of his needs. Each claimed he was a special man, But they weren’t slaves. At […]

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Love Changed Me

      Love Changed Me   I was running fast and free,   Trying to keep you far away.   Somehow I lost my point of view.   On our first date I wanted to kiss you.   Because love inspired me.   You said you had a cold but I said it was […]

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