The Final Choice

From a slumber I shook myself, Decided it was only a dream gone bad, Yet such was the state of my mind, I realized I could be going mad, I searched for implements of destruction, To protect myself should warriors come, Anything that could be a weapon, Would now be their warm welcome, But what […]

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Invisible Woman

They have been married for twenty years, Most of the years were  good, But the last five were lonely, Filled with silence not quite understood,   Look away when you pass her, Avoid seeing her bloodshot eyes, Swollen with streaks of red, From all the times she cries,   Act like she’s completely invisible, Ignore […]

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Freedom is Calling

Freedom is Calling I’m entitled to some privacy, And I have the right, To keep some thoughts to myself, And to hold on tight, To all the beliefs I hold dear, Don’t badger me and claim, That truth is all you speak, If politics is your path to fame, Truth is what we both seek, […]

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Sons of Thunder

The Sons of Thunder   There were early warning signs that violence was on the way.  The two boys were untamed, unfettered, and usually unsupervised.  Their mother had disappeared mysteriously, leaving her husband alone with three children. The father refused any help from the community, insisting that the family would work out their own problems.  […]

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