A slur is a small word from a small mind, Usually leaving kindness and love In the distance far behind. Slur is not a proud word It isn’t used for giving praise, But to strike down bridges of peace and love, And to destroy the dreams we raise.

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Vanity Is a Balloon

I feed on praise, It holds power to make me smile, It eases my loneliness for awhile, But vanity is a balloon full of air, It lifts me up and then isn’t there, Criticism and rejection pierce my balloon, Back to earth I tumble soon, Dreading the ridicule of one or two, I impose self […]

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Heir to the Castle

Heir to the Castle With dismay I continued to climb, Knowing well where this stair would lead, I would have stopped long ago, But my captor would not heed, A steady pace, another flight, If I asked now would I offend? With much effort I continued on, But I did not want to ascend, Then […]

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Secrets of Living

Secrets of Joyful Living The world does not rush past my window, It comes and knocks quietly and takes me along, For I have learned the secrets of living, I have learned to sing the Creator’s song. His world is made up of many things: love, life, and dreams, A world of laughter and tears, […]

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