FIX THE LEAKS As I get older I fit into society better than ever. I think about my health, my finances, religion and weather. It’s more than finding out what’s wrong Because it’s been of great concern all along. I listened to our President and I’m beginning to freak, Because it’s time that I should […]



  Savage is a term that was both good and bad.  “You’re not dressed for church. You don’t have your “Sunday go to meeting” clothes on.  Neither do you have on your shoes. You can’t go barefoot.  You look like a savage.” Savages to Grandmother were the painted Indians who ran around scalping the helpless […]

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The Crooked Man and the Primaries

(part 3) Jack sorted through the issues and began assembling a list.  He searched the social media, newspapers, and polls for the hot topics.  He wanted to research each one.  If he didn’t know an issue how could he defend or debate it effectively?  Jack wanted to be prepared.  He built a case for and […]

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