the Man in the Saddle

Tom studied the picture closely.  The Duke always rode tall in the saddle.  The Duke was a proud man, tough and rough, eager to fight foes and friends, especially the ones who mistreated a lady.  But then, The Duke’s method was to be firm, show a lady who’s in control, and expect her to like […]

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Till Time Becomes a Circle

Till Time Becomes a Circle I cannot compare you with another lover, There is so much about you to discover, You talk to me and tell me you love me, And life has become a loving spree, Your humor and intelligence brighten my way, Our love is deeper and better day after day, In the […]

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Choppin’ Cotton

Choppin’ Cotton     A chance for self-respect comes but a few times during a lifetime and I have to seize those moments and choose the way I want to be. Once that decision is stamped indelibly on my heart, there is no turning back, nor would I ever want to change. Long ago as […]

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