Sometimes late at night while I’m pursuing a thought about a story that I’ve kept corralled, I think about you and all the love you brought. I can think of nothing else when you’re on my mind, So my story stays inside a fence, and my erotic thoughts of you become something I find beautiful, […]

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Secret Identity

Who am I in real life? How do I struggle with poverty and strife? Do I need a mask to stand against wrong, Or can I be myself and still be strong? Do I need a special cape to take a chance, Or do I know what to do and take my stance? Should I […]

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“Nothing But the Truth!”

I raised my right hand and said, “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, And nothing but the truth,” The bailiff stopped me, I had just begun, “We don’t do that anymore, son, There’s no need to plant that seed, We try to assume no one lies in truth or deed, “Then why […]

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Small Simple Things With Love

Small Simple Things With Love (One Poet’s Legacy) Because I am a poet, I am wiser than I think, I see the world with clarity, Able to mix fantasy with reality, Discovering beauty wherever I look, Or find ugliness and mayhem out my door, I can’t ignore the world and waste my life, I try […]

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My Dream Lover

My Dream Lover A taut body long and lean, Stretched before me in my dream, And silky hair with lustrous sheen, Poured over her shoulders, Thought I, “It is only a dream,” But I could feel her liquid eyes watching me, Waiting for me to urge her near, Listening for whispered love words in her […]

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