The Negotiated Settlement

  The Negotiated Settlement  (part three)   I leaned on my hoe and thought about all that had transpired this summer and last.  I was losing the garden war. My vegetables were disappearing at an increasing rate under the onslaught of the critters, especially by the attacks of the rabbits.  In reality I had already […]

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The Garden Wars (part 2)

  The Garden Wars (part 2)   The garden war intensified. The rabbits responded to my attempts to drive them away.  No longer did they simply hide behind plants and run.  Despite my border control, the attacks on the garden increased on all fronts.  The cute little bunnies enlisted the help of gophers to assist […]

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Garden of Eaten

  The Garden of Eaten   After last year’s dismal attempts at growing a garden I should have known better and just bought produce at the local store. It was a conspiracy right from the beginning and I didn’t anticipate the craftiness and tenacity of rabbits and ground squirrels. I labored in the sun, lovingly […]

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The Bounce House

  The Bounce House   You say I never have any fun,   But that is not exactly true.   I play chess with the computer,   And, of course, I think of you.   I mow my lawn, clean my house,   Who knows if a visitor might show?   I till my garden, […]

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Your Pets Know

  Your Pets Know   When you’re alone or scared at night and feeling very tense,   Who knows what dogs hear, and who knows what they sense,   A dog might snarl and show her teeth while staring at a wall,   Someone might have entered the room, yet you see nothing at all, […]

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Awkward Moments (part two)

    Awkward Moments (part 2)   Sometimes letters to two are two too many.  I’d like to say I didn’t make mistakes in relationships, but if I did I would be lying.  I’ve made a multitude of mistakes.  When I was a rambunctious teenager I tried dating two girls from different towns.  “They would […]

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Returning Home

    Returning home   With trepidation I set out across country, driving towards the sunset.  After months of wrestling over what to do, my destination was set, my mind made up, and now I was on my way.  One hour passed and already I was waffling. “What if I can’t do this?  I’m not […]

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