Nothing to do But Make Plans Over his morning coffee he began laying out his plans for the week.  On Monday, after  teaching  his seventh and eighth combination class, he would have to hurry over to the nearby high school and get the varsity baseball team started in their drills.  Maybe this would be the […]



A little precocious as a growing young lad, Carl became notorious for being really bad. At school he reigned as a lower grades king, Ruling over a special place under the swings. The little girls would swing high in the sky, And Carl watched with pleasure what his eye. At age twelve Carl was gangly […]



(MEDICAL version) So many people with numerous degrees, Acknowledgements, honors and pedigrees, Each contributing with all they do, Unselfish and willing, just like you. Climbing and wending their way to the top, Gaining a life-long education that will never stop. Research rewarded by new found cures, Insatiable curiosity that will always endure. All are determined […]


But She Forgot

But She Forgot When her boyfriend broke up with her, She: Cried on my shoulder, Walked with me by the lake, Talked for hours about all the things they did, Wanted me to be there just to hear her breathe, But she forgot I was there. When she met the man of her dreams, She: […]

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The School

The School It was not the joyful cries that echoed in the halls, Nor the memories captured within the walls, It was not the holidays projected for the year, Nor the kids that made teachers grin ear to ear, Instead it was friendships shared, games played, Books read, goodies gulped, patience displayed, It was history […]

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