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Sensory Overload!

Go! (Australian TV channel)

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While looking
into your love’s eyes,

Change his
heart with a kiss,

Overwhelm his

With promises of bliss,

One lip to

Two to

How many
doesn’t matter,

There’s none
to waste,

or passion,

Give him a

Discover his

Repeat steps
one and two,

You’ll have
to be careful,

To teach him
the word “NO!”

For a kiss
to him,

Often means “GO!

Kissing is quite

But you must
learn the code,

Because you
have to be prepared,

For sensory


Four Red Roses, Not Twelve, Six, or Eight

Four Red Roses

I asked her to close her eyes,

Behind my back I held a surprise,

Impatiently she clapped her hands,

Wanting to claim her prize,

I held four red roses just out of her reach,

With directions attached by a bow to each,

The first rose, dewy fresh and thorn free,

Had a note that said, “Touch me tenderly,”

She discovered how velvety soft it could be,

By rubbing it gently against her face,

I said, “That’s the way we should embrace,”

The next note read, “My aroma does compel,”

The rose was open, its fragrant petals to smell,

She sniffed and smiled faintly, she liked it as well,

The third, she nibbled daintily, just a little taste,

She placed it by the other two, so as not to waste,

She glanced again at the roses, then to me she faced,

Before she could utter a word, not one word at all,

She spied the fourth rose, leaning against the wall,

“This rose is only a bud, how can it enthrall?”

Her gaze was upon me as I began to explain,

“This rosebud represents love on a much higher plane,

It’s a rose that you can see, but inside the beauty remains,

And as it opens, your senses must be a part,

I want this rose to capture your heart,

Our love, our dreams will get a quick start,

When this rose is open it will have to compete,

With all that the world offers, and yet be discrete,

Love will conquer the world if our love is complete,

I can no longer keep my love suppressed,

I’m presenting these roses along with a request,

Say you’ll marry me and your love express,”

“Four red roses and each with work to do,

Four red roses that claim your love is true,

Four red roses, yes, I’ll marry you!”

Four red roses, not twelve, six, or eight,

Four red roses that completely held my fate,

All the roses I could afford, on that important date.

Exclamation Point!

A yellow exclamation mark

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Exclamation Point!

I didn’t ask to be like Job,

Whose life took a backward thrust,

Yet here I am with shredded heart,

Arising from the dust,

I’ve lost at love one more time,

But it will not hold me down,

Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world,

With a smile instead of a frown,

I’m alone but not alone,

For I believe in a higher power,

Hope is there to guide my way,

Each and every hour,

My arms are bare and empty,

I have no one to hold,

So I choose to embrace the world,

Before my heart turns cold,

This world sparkles despite my pain,

My senses are acutely aware,

I see the beauty in this world,

And feel God’s presence there,

I smile at the turns I’ve made,

And all the times I’ve slipped,

Love will thrive the rest of my way,

It’s still within my grip,

Every day is a bonus day,

Full of meaningful things to do,

Challenges spring up daily at me,

Head on I’ll tackle them anew,

I don’t want to end my life,

With a period at the end of my game,

As a poet I want much more flair,

An exclamation point should mark my name!

Fairest of All, Forever

Fairest of All Forever

When we were young,

You were the fairest of all,

My eyes never tired of you,

So many images easy to recall,

Your smile, your eyes of brown,

The proud way you held your head,

Your tan arms, your breasts so round,

The way you walked with swaying hips,

Your legs never seemed to touch the ground,

I touched your skin with anticipating fingertips,

Unrestrained hair that freely danced in the wind,

All this I remember well, and other things I cannot tell,

We are not so young now, but time has done you well,

You have more to love, and my arms still yearn to hold,

With glasses you are fair, through love still fairest of all,

Your confidence and sass, through stories I’ve been told,

Family and friends all say they admire your gall,

Your eyes of brown, you never lost that smile,

Holding you and kissing your moist, soft lips,

And I’m enchanted again for a long while,

Gravity has shifted everything down,

But my eyes never tire of you,

My senses you drown,

I can’t remember,

Any other time,

But now.



I have stored treasures over my lifetime,
Treasures which need to be shared,
Treasures which I cannot keep to myself,
For I will not have them fade into nothingness,
It would then be as if I had never existed,
As if all my senses had never awakened,
Leaving a deep void in this fabric of life.

What do I have to share with anyone?
There are rosy sunrises and golden sunsets,
Flowers newly opened and richly fragrant,
Seashores and pounding waves,
Mountains of verdant firs and pines,
The touch of a baby’s tender skin,
The smell of earth after a cooling rain,
All these are treasures which I have stored within,
There are memories of what was and dreams of what could be,
There are challenges to be met,
There are problems to forget,
And there are warm tender moments waiting,
Like logs to be placed upon a fire,
Moments where two people let their spirits merge into one.

Where can I find someone to share my flame,
Before my candle flickers and goes out?
Where can I find someone to share my memories,
That which makes me who I am?
I have waited so long and I have been patient,
But has my wait been in vain?
Will I never love again?
Who will share my treasures?
Or are they meant to touch my life alone,
To be enjoyed briefly and brought to the grave,
Never having been exposed to the cooling air of love,
Trapped in a cocoon and never becoming a butterfly,
Never becoming beautiful, never flying,
Just like me, locked in a humdrum life,
Rarely able to fully enjoy the real treasures of life.


I Am Alive!


I’m alive! The full impact of those two words needs to be told, not as a secret, but as some joy that lives within. With each breeze blowing its cooling mist upon my face, with each sound that nature brings vibrating in my inner ear, with red and gold colors decorating the trees and earth, with warm smells of apple pies or home-made bread filling the house, I know I’m alive.

I’m alive! As I wander through my day I see worries, pain, and yes, anger and hate, qualities that abound in ordinary life. Those things are not for me. I refuse to let the joy robbers steal my happiness or love of life. My spirit bubbles up within. I’m alive and I want the whole world to share my gladness.

Every day I want to share all the blessings I have, but my happiness does not come from things I own. My happiness springs from family and the time we spend together, from friends who give of themselves, from strangers who share kind words, and from myself, for I know of all the fond memories, the hopes and dreams, that make me what I am.

I’m alive and all my God-given senses are crying out to be fed. There is so much to feel, see, smell, hear, taste, and do. There are yet other unfulfilled longings as I stretch myself outward, eagerly reaching for more.

I have been filled to overflowing and I want to reveal all I have with others. I have discovered, though, that the more I give, the more I have left. The ever-filling well, the musical instrument that sings along with my soul, the closeness that needs not be spoken, they are all there, waiting for me to disclose them to friend and foe alike. I will share my joy gladly, for I am alive!



By Dan Roberson