Sensory Overload!

While looking into your love’s eyes, Change his heart with a kiss, Overwhelm his senses, With promises of bliss, One lip to nibble, Two to taste, How many doesn’t matter, There’s none to waste, Tenderness or passion, Give him a cue, Discover his weaknesses, Repeat steps one and two, You’ll have to be careful, To […]

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Exclamation Point!

Exclamation Point! I didn’t ask to be like Job, Whose life took a backward thrust, Yet here I am with shredded heart, Arising from the dust, I’ve lost at love one more time, But it will not hold me down, Like a Phoenix I’ll spring into the world, With a smile instead of a frown, […]

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Fairest of All, Forever

Fairest of All Forever When we were young, You were the fairest of all, My eyes never tired of you, So many images easy to recall, Your smile, your eyes of brown, The proud way you held your head, Your tan arms, your breasts so round, The way you walked with swaying hips, Your legs […]

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Treasures I have stored treasures over my lifetime, Treasures which need to be shared, Treasures which I cannot keep to myself, For I will not have them fade into nothingness, It would then be as if I had never existed, As if all my senses had never awakened, Leaving a deep void in this fabric […]

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  I Am Alive!   I’m alive! The full impact of those two words needs to be told, not as a secret, but as some joy that lives within. With each breeze blowing its cooling mist upon my face, with each sound that nature brings vibrating in my inner ear, with red and gold colors […]

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