Late one afternoon I stopped at a furniture store. A sign on the door said, “Come on in. See what you can see.” The only customer seemed to be me So I leisurely strolled down the aisles Looking for a desk or something to fill a spot. A salesgirl approached and asked,”Is there something you […]

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Ugly I believed I grew up in an ugly town, A small community tucked in a small corner Of nowhere, Where smiles stayed hidden And were rarely found. The land was hot and dry in summer, But cold and wet in winter. Everyone said it was ugly And I believed it to be the center […]


That’s What Matters

That’s What Matters When we first met, You were so beautiful, Your eyes, your face, The way you talked, Your hair, your voice, The way you walked, Each day you were more beautiful, Your smile brightened my way, We shared more each day, We were learning to compromise and agree, And that’s what mattered to […]

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Without Her…..

    She’s in my dreams,   Filling me with anticipation,   Delighting me with her smile,   Soothing me with her warmth,       I will not forget her,   Waiting in my memory,   Returning night after night,   Speaking words of wisdom and love,       I’m not complete without […]

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My Smiles Within

Sometimes my face hides my smiles within, As I remember moments and special friends, They’re all I have to keep me warm, But they’re enough when memories swarm, “See that puppy!” I shrieked out loud, You would have thought I’d draw a crowd, “Wow!” when excited at my first kiss, Her eyes were closed in […]

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You Weren’t On My Schedule

I passed you today as I took my morning walk, You looked cold and hungry but I didn’t want to talk, I was looking up, you were looking down, I was wearing a smile, you were wearing a frown, I didn’t take the time to ask you what was wrong, I was In the middle […]

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