WHO? I’m a who A person who cares When a leader treats His fellow citizens with disrespect. Misinterpreting deliberately And ignoring Constitutional rights. I didn’t see disrespect on the field. Just the opposite. I saw pain in faces Of those who love their country and their God. They met as team members united and proud. […]

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It’s hard to keep topics timely. Whatever I say or do, Is often out of view. What was said yesterday, Is swallowed up by today. Forgotten. Pushed aside. Covered up. Two hundred girls, chemicals used, A murder in our town, What does timely mean If we ignore what’s going down? There’s not much we can […]


Hockey and Halloween

Mayhem at the Rink (a Halloween tale) One Halloween night all creatures were astir, Ready for anything gross that might occur, Blood curdling screams and fights were about, In the midst of the mayhem a hockey game broke out, From out of the sky Count Dracula swooped down, His voice boomed out and was heard […]

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The Isle He Loves

When evening falls and the sea calls, Where else to be than the sea, Rising on the swells where dreams dwell, There’s no place to be but the sea, Red skies at night are his delight, Storms have passed him by, A gentle breeze upon his face, As the deck confines his space, His thoughts […]

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The Skunk and the KKK

I wasn’t sure if it was another dream, It was so real I could hear Willie scream, They were back again,  Chasing me, chasing him, Just because we were friends, Sometimes Willie and I would meet, Play basketball on the same dirt street, But Willie was black and I was white, It bothered those who […]

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Sons of Thunder

The Sons of Thunder   There were early warning signs that violence was on the way.  The two boys were untamed, unfettered, and usually unsupervised.  Their mother had disappeared mysteriously, leaving her husband alone with three children. The father refused any help from the community, insisting that the family would work out their own problems.  […]

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