It was a beautiful place for a honeymoon, But the weather forecast warned of a storm in June. A sign on the door said, PLEASE CHECK IN, WE’RE ALL FRIENDLY, WELCOME FRIEND. The rooms all faced north with a harbor view, Tall sailing ships and sea lions, too. The ceremony was moved to be indoors, […]

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Lightning flashed and thunder roared, I fell to my knees and prayed. My life was changed before my eyes, My options could not be weighed. All my life I had claimed control, And I could have once again, But I knew I would be lying to all, My protests would be in vain. Her love […]


Two Gossamer Wings

The storm raged throughout the night, The thunder was loud and the lightning was bright, I slept in the basement to avoid the worst, For I was of the opinion that hell had burst, Straight line wind gusts of sixty or more, Had blown a tree over and knocked open my door, When morning dawned […]

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Facing the Storms

I stood facing the storm, Shaking my fists at the sky, “I’m as angry as you are, Don’t you dare pass me by!”   The storm roared out an answer, One that I couldn’t comprehend, From the clouds lightning flashed, No way my position I could defend,   “You think that I’m afraid, To hear […]

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You Are A Well-Built House

Solid with strong timber, (Yet you are supple and limber,) Tiled roof carefully laid, (Hair glistening in a braid,) Windows that peer out over the street, (Eyes that sparkle when we meet,) A welcoming door that invites me in, (I’m still enthralled with your grin,) Carpets plush and all in style, (Makes me want to […]

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An Answer to Lonely Nights

She’s a wild one when she’s mad, A tiger with slashing claws, But very reasonable and calm, Once she has time to pause,   A storm in the mountains, But a gentle breeze from the sea, Her friends fill her days, Yet she yearns to be free,   She believes in fairy tales, And all […]

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One Storm Was Different

Time after time I observed beautiful storms, Wanting to see differences, wanting to see norms, Usually they appeared suddenly, lighting up the sky, And I would watch with wonder as they passed me by,   But one storm looked different, just a little odd, Its profile dark and menacing, its shoulders wide and broad, The […]

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