NEIGHBORS There is something odd about my neighbor, I guess she’s under some kind of stress. She stares without seeing, And plays with the buttons on her dress. She avoids attention, even light from the sun, And I would swear she’s packing a gun. She sits across the aisle from me, Trying to ignore the […]


I’m in Charge of Now

    I’m in Charge of Now   “Good morning, Mother Earth.   You’re all aglow in beautiful autumn colors. Where are you going dressed up in such finery?”   “What?  You’re off to see the King of Yesterday? Isn’t it too late to see him?  He’s already let opportunities slip by, got caught up in […]

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Bills, Bills, Bills

He was sitting at the bar, His eyes were full of tears, He claimed he was a bit tipsy, He’d had one too many beers,   “Son, let me tell you a story, About what happened to me, Sometimes life just isn’t fun, And I’ll bet you’ll agree,   If you’ll buy me one more […]

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One Petal at a Time

One Petal at a Time I focus on the positive, It’s there wherever I look, Whether a forest deep and dark, Or in the pages of a book, But often I forget to see, Beauty just in front of me, A child’s face with impish grin, Or a hawk soaring high and free, It’s time […]

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Parkinson’s While Working

My Parkinson’s Disease was under control as long as I took my medications as directed. Occasionally I would be too busy and forget my lunchtime meds. My tremors would start, my anxiety levels would go up, and my shaking would get worse. I kept quiet about having Parkinson’s because I didn’t want to draw attention […]

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