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If the Statue of Liberty could talk,

What would she say to citizens today?

She might say, “I would not give the keys to my heart

To everyone by capricious whim.

There are those I would keep out,

And those I would invite in.

I would open the doors each day

And smile at those who come to work or pray,

An island greeting those who are ready to share,

The opportunities and love discovered here.

Those who come with bigotry and hate

And those who haven’t learned to celebrate


I would ask them to wait.

My land is home for the weary, a place of hope,

A place they can adjust and learn to cope,

A place to shake fear from timid heart,

Leaving violence behind and getting a new start.

The keys to my heart would only be given

To those with new lives to begin.

This country was founded on blood, grit, and tears.

On that basis I have lasted for years.

To those who are here to prey

And steal all precious dreams away,

There should not be left any doubt.

I would select many to come in,

But there are those I would keep out.”

August 4, 2017


A Grandfather’s Questions
Who will clap at the baby’s first laugh,
And help her count the stars?
Who will listen for the dove’s call,
And sniff the fragrant flowers?
Who will encourage a child to grow,
And love her fellowman?
Who will take the time to explain,
To help her understand?
Will she ever learn how to respect,
The young as well as the old?
Will she discover over time
Love is more precious than gold?
Who will chant the songs,
I learned as a child?
Who will tell stories at night,
Of ancestors gone awhile?
Who will sniff and enjoy the taste,
Of Grandmother’s fresh baked bread?
And who will explain the Will of God,
When life is hanging by a thread?
Will someone hug her tightly,
And wipe away her tears?
Will someone answer her questions,
And soothe her endless fears?
April 23, 2017


Late one afternoon I stopped at a furniture store.

A sign on the door said, “Come on in. See what you can see.”

The only customer seemed to be me

So I leisurely strolled down the aisles

Looking for a desk or something to fill a spot.

A salesgirl approached and asked,”Is there something you like a lot?

Can I help you find what you need?”

Her friendly eyes and smile put me at ease.

I went from one item to another.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“Dakota,” she replied in a voice I barely heard.

“Are you North or South?” I quipped.

“People ask all the time,” she said. “But Dakota is just a word.

I get tired of hearing it.  No one says anything else.”

I shook my head and sighed.

“Your name is full of excitement,” I replied.

“Dakota is what the Sioux Indians called themselves.

It’s a special word meaning friend.

And the states are lands without end.

Mt. Rushmore with four faces,

The sculpture of Crazy Horse nearby,

Black hills gold and the oil boom,

A place where bees fill the sky.

The roar of motorcycles in Sturgis,

Bismarck, Fargo, and Pierre,

Dinosaur bones and fossils,

So much can be discovered there.

Your name is rich with history,

A beautiful name to be worn with pride,

You were given a gift that means so much,

It’s not a name to hide.”

Her eyes grew big, her smile grew wide.

Her perceptions had changed, she was different inside.

“Thank you so much for all you said.

I can be mysterious, beautiful, and proud,

I’m ready to stand out in a crowd.”

She greeted other customers as they came in

But turned and faced me with a grin.

“My name is Dakota, and I’ll be your friend,

Today, tomorrow, all the way to the end.”

She gave me a hug and said goodbye,

And wiped the tears from her eyes.

But now she had a reason for her smile

And I noticed her feet dancing

As she went down the aisle.



Drops of love

An ocean splashes beneath your feet

And the water is dangerous and deep.

If I try to measure the ocean

You will always be out of my reach

While I am swept away by the currents.

My tears burn hot and

Remind me of my futile attempts

To rescue you and keep you safe.

You are all I want.

Your love is pure; mine is not.

Your heart is cool; mine runs hot.

Like the ocean beneath your feet,

We are apart and may never meet.

If I get another chance

By enduring each towering wave,

I might reach high enough

To love you,

One drop at a time.


You Weren’t On My Schedule

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I passed you today as I took my morning walk,

You looked cold and hungry but I didn’t want to talk,

I was looking up, you were looking down,

I was wearing a smile, you were wearing a frown,

I didn’t take the time to ask you what was wrong,

I was In the middle of humming a very special song,

I couldn’t be interrupted, for I had too much to do,

But I promised to ask sometime what was bothering you,

No, not next week, for there are things I have booked,

I checked my schedule in case anything’s been overlooked,

“How are you?”, “I’m fine,” but I really didn’t have time to chat,

I had people to see and things to do, you know, this and that,

I was eager to share my world with someone, but no, not now,

You took away my joy because you were in my way somehow,

You looked awful, perhaps struggling to find something to say,

But when tears rolled down your cheeks, you nearly ruined my day,

“Good grief!” I muttered, but I know I wasn’t being rude,

I chose to be patient because I wanted to keep my good mood,

 “Shape up, I don’t have time for this,” I snapped in dismay,

“Oh, my!”  You were looking sad and putting on a display,

“I don’t care what your problem is, you’ll just have to wait,”

“I’ve got to go and smile at folks, and now you’ve made me late!”

I rushed away, leaving you behind, despair plainly on your face,

I was hoping you’d find someplace else, be gone without a trace,

When I returned you weren’t there, much to my relief,

I didn’t want to see you again or put up with your grief,

 Life is short and there was so much I still needed to do,

Did you expect me to waste my time, on someone like you?

Outside the sun is bright, what a beautiful Easter day,

Yet inside my joy is false, I feel shame for my deceptive ways,

When you were hungry and in pain, I wasn’t there for you,

I was thinking just about myself, and all the things to do,

I cheated you by turning away, I should have listened with my heart,

Yesterday won’t come again, so I’m asking for a brand new start,

I really want to love others more, wherever they might be,

The best way that I know how, is to begin with you and me.

Dangerous Questions

Dangerous Questions

You said you were not satisfied,

With the way you looked,

Your hair was too straight,

Too curly or something like that,

And then you asked me,

“Am I too fat?”

Now I’m an honest man,

And I like to tell it to you straight,

But no way did I want to tempt fate,

 Any answer I could give might be suicide,

There was no place to hide,

But still I tried,                                                                     

“If straight hair would make you happy,

I could go for that,”

“If you wanted to wear a hat,

I could go for that,”

I didn’t give her eye contact,

I tried to sing a song,

I would have tried anything,

To keep from answering wrong,

Her eyes narrowed,

Her voice grew cold,

“Am I too fat?”

I looked out the window,

For somewhere I could go,

“Uh, what was the question, dear?

I really couldn’t hear,”

Tears were dripping from her eyes,

She heaved a great sigh,

“Please tell me why,

The answer you won’t say”,

The answer came to me in a flash,

It didn’t take a day,

“Why, honey, I like you any way,

I think you’re crazy,

For asking a question like that,

I don’t want mortal combat,

I didn’t choose you for your hair,

Though I like it being there,

Nor did I pick you,

For the shape you’re in,

I love you thick or thin,

There’s nothing I can say or do,

To make this any less true,

I love you simply for being you,”

I think my answer

 Was good enough for now,

But tomorrow is another day,

And she’ll question me somehow,

“Do these shoes go with this blouse?”

It’s time for me to leave the house,

“Would you like me better blond?”

I don’t know how to respond,

It’s a woman’s prerogative,

To change her mind,

And tomorrow I’ll look,

At her with dread,

Her hair might be blond, brown or red,

There might be someplace,

That I can find,

Where I can leave,

Dangerous questions behind.

Before I Beg You

Before I Beg You

Tonight the trees hear me whisper,

For even the wind has ears,

I want to pull you close to me,

And wipe away your tears,

You fill my eyes with your beauty,

Embers have begun to burn,

I don’t want to shirk my duty,

And you have so much to learn,

I vowed to protect your innocence,

And I can’t go back on my vow,

The words I pledged were easy to say,

But I’m standing with furrowed brow,

Your lips are ripe, so cherry ripe,

I’m tempted to taste them now,

But rather than talk about how you look,

I’ll practice my vows anew,

But seeing you is killing me,

Knowing something I’d rather do,

Touching is better than seeing,

I want to touch more of you,

Though fires are raging deep within,

My weakness I must control,

You’re tempting me by being here,

I’m in danger of losing my soul,

Your warmth weakened my resolve to fight,

You have to leave me soon,

The moon is growing big and bright,

To your charms I’m not immune,

I’m torn between loving you,

And doing what I know is right,

Please go before I beg you to love me,