Angels bring me ideas and guidance, Dreams about things I want to hear, And dreams about events still to appear, Mind boggling, or catastrophic, Warning me to avoid places or people, Where events will be out of control. Some things are shouted or blasted by horn, Others are whispered in the early morn. Should I […]


The Center of the Circle

The stories in nature are never complete, There are always lessons that will repeat, From the past, the present, and eons beyond, Patterns develop from plans once spawned,   From visions, I’ve seen truths and facts, Comparing man and beast in gruesome acts, Animals in nature out of necessity must kill, While mankind often does […]

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The Three Visions

 I’ve been having visions that fill my night, The past and the future, each was an awesome sight, But the present time, as the world was displayed, Much was in disorder, I was terribly dismayed, The First Vision:  The Past Caretakers were here since time began, Preparing a place for woman and man, Their wings […]

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