HEY, MR. PRESIDENT!   I don’t care whose bomb is bigger, Get your hands away from the nuclear trigger. When negotiations fail and all is lost, There is no way to calculate the cost. Somewhere in space mixed with cosmic dust, Life continues to exist only if there’s love and trust. But hot-headed men with […]



FORGIVE AND FORGET   Time goes by so fast, And it takes two to let go of the past. Their lives are not over yet, If they are ready to forgive and forget. He’s still got his kids Though his life is on the skids. It is not a good time to dump him. She […]



FRY Early in the morning before all the stores were open, two men arrived in a nondescript gray sedan. They had looked the small town over, debated on several escape routes, and finally decided they would leave on the same street they came in. It could have been any other street but their choice was […]

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First Friday

How could there be a First Friday? Every week had a Friday, Just one Friday to focus on, One Friday to make plans for fun. Nothing different about one day Except perceptions about a time to pray. Why would one Friday suffice As a day for sacrifice? A First Friday to meditate And see control […]

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Dear Amy,

Dear Amy, I was pleased to receive your letter, and I hope you’re getting better. Sorry that I scared you, but it seemed the best thing to do. I was expecting you to leap into my arms, but you chose to withhold your charms. As for the garden we planted by the light of the […]

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“Do you think I’m ugly?” she asked me. She was beautiful and I couldn’t agree. “You are lovlier than the most beautiful flower, But why do you ask, at this late hour? Have I ignored you for too long?” A man who answers quickly is usually wrong. I was careful with words I might say. […]

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Words on Fire!

  Words on Fire   When my muse comes around to inspire   My words dance with fire   Building castles everywhere   Out of dreams and thin air   Blending new romance with raw desire.       With each tale that demands to be told   Real stories become bold   Allowing characters […]

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